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A Tradition of Exemplary Structural Waterproofing

AdSeal Services in Carp, Ontario is a locally owned company specializing in waterproofing and coating applications. Our expertise with protective solutions has been put to use in Parliament Hill edifices and other Ottawa landmarks, including:

  • Institutional Structures
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Public Infrastructures
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Public Schools

  • Separate Schools
  • Parking Lots
  • Underground Garages
  • Federal Buildings

Collaboration is Key

We work with several concrete companies helping us complete the poured foundations of many homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings in the Ottawa-Kingston region. We provide the specified water-proofing and damp-proofing services.

We also coordinate schedules with clients to ensure smooth project transitions. To find the appropriate waterproofing solutions, we draw resources from product manufacturer contacts and expert consultants.


Channel Experience and Expertise

Our team is made up of knowledgeable professionals who are also highly trained and dedicated. Rely on our manufacturer-approved and certified installers to handle almost any project, no matter the scale.

  • Torch Applied
  • SBS Brackets Peel & Stick
  • Self- Adhered
  • Spray Applied Asphalt Emulsion
  • Crystalline Capillary Breaking Membranes
  • Bentonite Water-proofing

Our Company Leaders

heman (002)

Heman Hui, Owner

Heman brings together the best suppliers and people in the business to create a reputable waterproofing company taking pride in all aspects of waterproofing, working, and living in the capital region.

This is instrumental to the company’s quick, efficient, and effective solution delivery of services ensuring integrity for various types of foundations, including:

  • Poured Concrete
  • Concrete Block
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
  • Precast Wall Panels

Oigen Tanga President/Owner

Oigen, a seasoned professional with over five years of expertise in waterproofing and nearly a decade in construction, is the proud owner of Adseal Services Inc. His unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction propels him to lead a highly skilled team, ensuring efficient and effective services. With a robust background in construction, he is equipped to meet the diverse needs of commercial, industrial, institutional, and educational sectors. Beyond delivering excellent service, he recognizes the significance of nurturing strong supplier relationships, contributing to the company's stellar reputation.

Oigen possess extensive experience in various waterproofing techniques, such as Torch Applied, SBS Brackets Peel & Stick, Self-Adhered, Spray Applied Asphalt Emulsion, under slab Vapor Retarders, Footing Barrier Membranes, Green Roof Applications, Crystalline Capillary Breaking Membranes, and Bentonite Waterproofing.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for the construction industry, Oigen and his team position Adseal Services as a pivotal service provider in the realm of waterproofing and applications.

Angie Paterson pic for AdSeal

Angela Paterson, Business Manager

Angela adds her business management and accounting expertise to the company. She is involved with our day-to-day operations, managing account receivables, payables, payroll, and other official functions.

Yakob photo

Yakob Hailu EIT, Estimating/Project Management

Yakoub takes charge of the project cost estimates and organizes the materials required for each one. Working closely with the applicators, he makes sure that all quotations are compliant with current construction guidelines and practices.


Dwight Walker BA, A.Sc.(Eng.), CET, (M)ASCE, NSPE Operations Manager

Dwight joined the company in 2022 with 20+ years experience in the waterproofing and construction field. He brings this experience to AdSeal Services to broaden their scope of type of work that they will venture into. He bring with him 10 years of consulting experiece in construction engineering which will add depth to the offerings of AdSeal. His tenure has spanned manufacturing, construction and application of waterproofing systems with some experience in Code applications specific to waterproofing and moisture protection of buildings.

Find Waterproofing Solutions

Make knowledge-based structural waterproofing decisions. We’d be delighted to provide you with solutions and offer effective, budget-friendly alternatives.