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Versatile Waterproofing Applications

Structural integrity specifications vary depending on the property type. At AdSeal Services in Carp, Ontario, we provide customized waterproofing solutions that match the required level of structural protection against moisture.

  • Hot Mopped or Troweled Waterproofing
  • Cold Applied Waterproofing
  • Self Adhered Waterproofing
  • Cementitious Waterproofing
  • Blindside Waterproofing and Positive Side Waterproofing
  • Torch Applied Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing

Our company is a major commercial waterproofing contractor in Eastern Ontario. We provide the top-coating supplies and the installation services necessary to carry out the task, resulting in worry-free turnkey services.

Ask us for technical advice or solutions for insulation problems. With our vast experience and resources, we can make protective coatings and waterproofing membranes available.

Equipped to install all types of waterproofing membrane systems and cementitious coatings, we handle projects in varying degrees of complexity, such as:

  • Plaza Decks
  • Water Tanks
  • Plant Facilities
  • Watertight Barriers (for Gas and Vapor on Under Slabs)
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Our Project Gallery


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Westboro Highrise

Because the foundation supports the main structures of a home, it is vital to keep water from leaking, seeping, and eroding it. In typical residential structures, we apply liquid bitumen or a highly polymerized water-based emulsion membrane on exterior walls.

This is reinforced by installing a protective drain board system over the membrane, creating a protective coating on the foundation walls.

The drainage board keeps water away from the structure and relieves any hydrostatic pressure exerted on the foundation. With the drain board installed, the foundation is also protected from backfill.

Complete Projects on Time

Leave waterproofing tasks to full-time professional installers. We’re here to help you get projects done on time and within the budget. To discuss any design problems you’re encountering, ask us for proven-effective solutions.